Bayern München vs. Mainz 05  4 - 0

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Minute   Description
89' SAVE! A great save again by Adler as a cross by Rafinha along the floor manages to find its way to Coman on the back post, but his effort, which was heading into the bottom corner, was stopped by the Mainz goalkeeper.
87' CHANCE! Mainz should have their goal after a mistake from Hummels presented Muto with an opportunity on the edge of the box, but his shot was wide of the mark where he should have been hitting the target.
85' Adler gets very lucky as a goal kick from him doesn't even get past the Mainz defensive line, which Lewandowski was able to control. However, fortunately for the goalkeeper Brosinski was awake to the danger.
83' Ribery attempted to move through the gears and skip into the box, but the Mainz defenders swarmed onto him and the Frenchman found himself running into a sea of blue shirts and eventually got tackled.
81' Bayern are playing some liquid football and Mainz are unable to get near them. This is the exact reaction Ancelotti needed after his side fell to Hoffenheim last week for their earliest loss in a season.
79' CROSSBAR! Ribery weights a lovely cross to Rudy on the edge of the box who smashes a volley against the crossbar after making a clean connection. Adler was left completely helpless!
77' R. Lewandowski has scored a goal for Bayern München! Assist by J. Kimmich.
Kimmich once again proving his worth with his crossing capabilities by weighting a fantastic cross into Lewandowski for the fourth.
GOAL! Lewandowski makes it four as the striker peels off his marker to head home a cross back into the far corner, despite a lack of power, past Adler.
76' Y. Muto enters the game and replaces A. Diallo.
Substitution Abdou Diallo Yoshinori Muto
74' Bayern are starting to turn the pace up again as Lewandowski drives into the box and wins a corner for the Bavarians. However, the cross from Kimmich was hooked away at the near post by Diallo.
72' S. Rudy enters the game and replaces A. Vidal.
SAVE! Adler keeps the score at three as a fantastic cross from Kimmich is headed towards goal at the back post by Vidal, but the goalkeeper reacts quickly to push the effort onto the crossbar.
Rudy comes on for Vidal.

Bundesliga table

# Team MP D P
1 27 +46 66
2 27 +11 49
3 27 +21 48
4 27 +8 45
5 27 +12 44
6 27 +5 43
7 27 +5 39
8 27 -5 37
9 27 -6 36
10 27 +1 35
11 27 +0 35
12 27 -2 33
13 27 -6 32
14 27 -18 30
15 27 -9 25
16 27 -17 25
17 27 -22 20
18 27 -24 18
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