Real Madrid vs. Eibar  3 - 0

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +2 A late corner for Eibar comes to nothing as Ramos guides it out - and Marcelo then spirits it downfield. Ronaldo reaches for a final header - but he can't make contact and the referee blows for full time!
90' Benzema breaks downfield again but has his ball pinched by Angel who clips it long to Inui. The Eibar man's shot takes a rebound and falls back to him - but his pass through to Jordan ends up being offside. Two added minutes.
88' Ronaldo takes a Marcelo pass into the right side of the Eibar box again, and once more, Dmitrovic delivers a wonderful safe to deny him.
86' Jordan drives a cross in from the left which Ramos is unable to deal with, nearly opening it up for Rivera - but Casilla gets there before he can. Eibar appear to be heading for a fourth game without a goal in a row.
84' Benzema has been a spark since he arrived on the field and he nearly creates a chance for Nacho, only for Lomban to edge his way between the pass and intercept.
82' Marcelo has scored a goal for Real Madrid! Assist by K. Benzema.
And that's just the icing on the cake! Marcelo with a brilliant finish on the back of a sensational one-two from Benzema on the left flank - and he plants a left-footer from inside the box that buries itself in the bottom right corner, slipping under Dmitrovic.
80' Ramos manages to close down Inui enough for the Japanese man to miscue his shot on the edge of the box, directly in front of goal, sending it wide and high to the right.
79' Sergi Enrich enters the game and replaces G. Escalante.
Marcelo stumbles around the box, somehow holding onto the ball under intense pressure, and he ultimately gets it away to Ronaldo on the extreme right - but the Portoguese man rockets it into the side netting.
Escalante now departs and Sergio Enrich Ametller arrives for the last ten minutes.
77' Vázquez now takes delivery of a Modric pass on the right, which he brings into the right edge of the box - but he is forced out of play by Angel, though he earns a throw in the end.
76' Benzema gets a Modric lob over the Eibar defence and sprints into the box - but his second touch runs deeper than he expects and Dmitrovic clears.

La Liga table

# Team MP D P
1 20 +48 54
2 20 +20 43
3 20 +20 40
4 19 +21 35
5 20 +6 34
6 20 -2 32
7 20 +7 28
8 20 -7 28
9 20 +5 27
10 20 +0 27
11 20 -8 27
12 20 +1 26
13 19 -2 25
14 20 -9 24
15 20 -2 23
16 20 -13 19
17 20 -12 18
18 20 -22 16
19 20 -31 14
20 20 -20 12